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Saturday, January 01, 2005

NYT Op-Ed "The Ends of the World as We Know Them"

Good Op-Ed in New York Times (NYT) for the theme 'World For All' - talk about the reasons why societies that were very powerful for some time or long time and then disappeared!

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While this NYT Op-Ed has rightly focussed on Environment as one of the main themes, I often think of another unique attribute that has helped US to come to the top in world more than 100 years ago and is keeping it there ever since. While everything US has (large land mass, natural resources, large oceans on two sides, democractic form of government, etc.) has really helped, but the sheer idea of letting immigrants come in from all over the world and give them an equal opportunity to excel and even rise to the very top, if they deserve, is such an unique idea now and in the history, that I think this can help keep US at the top of the world for long long time.

My thinking is that, to use the cliche, only constant thing in the world is 'change'. Different civilizations have been at the top of the world and then replaced by another. The inability of any civilization to remain at the top for ever is a great eye-opener! Why could they not maintain their superiority when they had gained it for once? Most of the times, reason is that while they got the superiority, mostly military power, they did not keep up with the change and there came another civilization with an advancement that overcame the military power of the earlier top civilization.

For US, by letting the best of the people from all over the world come to this country, we are able to create that constant changing force within the country. This constant changing force causes lots of pain for some individuals, mostly for some time, but for the country as a whole, it always ensures that world superiority. I certainly hope that immigrants always continue to be welcomed in ths country even if it means that it may cause some disruption to easy daily life for me or people around me. At the end, I am confident that all of us will come out better off.


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