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Saturday, January 08, 2005

eMusic or m(usic)Bay

I had earlier mentioned that I think Music creation/distribution should evolve with the internet. I do not like the current system (where Recording labels control everything and charge a fixed high price!) and p2p sharing of that music (which is piracy/stealing!).

Current system of music distribution - where recording labels spot the artists, get contracts signed with upcoming talent (on their terms in most cases) and then promote them - it involves lot of upfront payment by the recording labels and gives them lots of power and if their selection of artists succeed then lot of profits to them. Current system has comparatively less concern for the music talent (they can pick and chose from the good ones - and not necessarily promote the best if it does not make financial sense!) and even lesser concern for the the music listeners (what other choice do they have if they want to listen to the music - they better pay a lot!).

A twist can be made to the p2p sharing - and it can actually be made even in a for-profit venture. This twist can redefine the way Musicians will get opportunities and make money and music lovers will get much more/better(artistic,variety)/economic music.

The twist is:

1. Provide opportunities to Musicians to distribute their music (not the one coming from Labels!)

2. Listeners can download the Music and using Rating system, they can provide stars/feedback

3. Stars/feedback tracking system will ensure that the good music (in all categories) will get the visibility.

4. Listeners should be encouraged to make small-payments (I am thinking 25 to 50 cents!) for the music that they like. I think that once listeners can see good music on these forums, they will not mind paying small monies for the good music to encourage more of that!

5. Music talent, if fairly compensated by the users, will actually love this sytem where they will have their own freedom and much greater glory!

The more commercial version of this twist will involve establishing recording studios across the country for the emerging artists to help them create their own music at low cost. The more such facilities are available, the more variety and good quality music we will get from the upcoming artists.

This kind of forum can also provide opportunities to the Musicians from across the country to come together and join the forces.


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